What is so special about the Omega 321?

What is so special about the Omega 321?

Join us in this blog as we explore the reconstructed 321 Omega Speedmaster. We will dive into all the things that the watch comes with, including the deep history, movement, features of the watch, and all the extra accessories the watch is equipped with.

The History of the Omega 321.

Before we start, you must understand how the Omega Speedmaster went to the moon.

In 1957, the first Speedmaster was created with the intention of being used for race car drivers, similar to the Rolex Daytona. In 1962, American astronaut Wally unofficially took the second generation CK2998 Speedmaster into space during the SIGMA 7 MISSION. Just three years later, in 1965, Ed White completed the first moon walk whilst wearing a 321 Omega. In 1968 Omega fazed the 321 movement out of production and began to improve the movement and build "better" chronographs, everybody knows nothing beats the original.

What is so special about the Omega 321 Movement?Omega 321 Movement

The 321 Omega movement was first designed in 1942; Omega collaborated with Lemania in order to create the well-known Swiss movement, not only recognised for being one of the best chronographs for its time by Omega but also other brands such as Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Breguet who utilised a similar version in the to the 321 movement. The 321 movements were discontinued until 2019 when they were revamped from the original archives and vintage 3D scanned models. In order to create the 321, Omega has a dedicated workshop in Switzerland where each movement is handcrafted, 1-1, by Omega's best watchmakers, and it's said they only produce about 2000 movements per year in total. The movement is crafted with a perfect combination of rose gold, yellow gold, silver and steel. It is possibly one of the best-looking movements ever, and it's definitely Omega's best movement.

Platinum and Meteorite Speedmaster 2019 Ref 31193423099001Omega 321 Platinum edition

The 321 movement was reintroduced in 2019 for the 31193423099001, a watch that featured a 42mm platinum case, meteorite subdials and a black leather strap. While this platinum model features the infamous movement, luxurious materials, and even meteorite, it differs far from the original Speedmaster design, is incredibly hard to find, and has a retail price of over £60,000.

In 2021, die-hard Omega fans finally got what they wanted. An authentic and historic reinvention of the Omega Speedmaster. When old meets new, you are greeted with a timepiece that contains the best of both worlds: incredible vintage design features, incredible modern movements, and so much more. The most noticeable feature of this Speedmaster has to be the vintage style flat link bracelet with an urban twist and polished outer links. This is an elegant design unique to this specific Omega model, and upon closer inspection, you will find that this model features the elongated vintage Omega logo, no crown guards, and so much more.

What does the Omega 321 Ed White come with?

Omega 321 Ed white watch set

Equally as important as the watch is the box and its associated accessories. This watch comes with superior packaging compared to other brands and even themselves. Firstly, you are greeted with a high-quality cardboard clamshell box, which reveals the inner box crafted from a range of luxurious and practical materials, similar to the watch. Once unbuckled, you can finally view the beauty it beholds, not just the watch but also the medallion, the playful loop with a tachymeter, Omega manual, black suede card holder, strap adjusting tool, spare spring bars, a nato strap and a full velcro strap for ultimate practicality and allowing the wearer to be just like the astronauts. Stored under the box, There are three booklets that accompany this package: one that informs you about the 321 movement history, the second includes the history of the watch, and the third gives you step-by-step instructions on how to change the bracelet at home (with pictures). 

How can I buy an Ed White 321 Omega?

With the ever-growing demand for this watch and its market value, it can be incredibly hard to obtain one from an authorised dealer, and there is no doubt that it is the hardest Omega to obtain. We always do our best to stock a range of Omegas, so click here to check our current stock. If we do not have the watch you are looking for in stock, please contact us so we can source your dream watch.

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