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We have a fantastic head watchmaker that has worked for some of the most prestigious brands in Switzerland. We are here to answer any questions and advise you on the best practices for maintaining your timepiece.

Luxury watch servicing

We service luxury watches in Hatton Garden, if your watch isn't keeping time or has water damage then contact us or drop your watch with us for our watchmaker to service.

We service all Swiss watches.

Rolex Servicing
Rolex watches are very robust and they rarely have timekeeping issues but Rolex do recommend that you service your Rolex watch once every 10 years, depending on how much use it gets.

It is important to service your Rolex watch at the necessary intervals to guarantee your watch's water resistance and maintain a healthy movement. Rolex movements have lubricants inside to help each part move freely when they are placed into the jewels of the movement, if your watch has been exposed to extreme heat then it's possible that these lubricants could have dried out and may need replacing, such conditions could cause your watch to gain or lose time.

Every Rolex watch is worn differently and is exposed to different levels of wear and in some cases abuse which is why a Rolex service is recommended approximately every 10 years but we have seen Rolex watches that are 40 years old and have never been serviced yet still keep fantastic time. If your watch is keeping good time then only you can decide whether you want to service it or not but a regular service will keep large repair costs at bay and maintain your watch's performance water resistance. If your watch has been exposed to knocks or bangs from sports or if it's been dropped then a Rolex service is highly recommended every 10 years, even if your watch is keeping good time.

If your Rolex watch develops an issue and the watch is out of warranty then we our service centre will resolve the issue here in Hatton Garden. Once an issue presents itself, we recommend that you leave the watch alone and bring it straight in for a service. Continuing to use a faulty watch can result in additional damage, especially if you have a loose part within the movement that may be hitting and damaging other parts.

We are not an official Rolex service center and we have no affiliation with Rolex at all. We offer a Rolex repair service to clients that want to retain old parts or want to have an older watch serviced to a specific standard and in a timely manor. We use original Rolex parts when servicing Rolex watches, our lead time is minimal and our pricing is very competitive. All work is fully insured and done by an experienced professional.

We service most luxury watch brands including Patek Philippe Omega, Cartier, Richard Mille, Vacheron Constantin, JLC, Tudor, and many more.

We do stock multiple watch parts for the major luxury watch brands to guarantee a fast watch service but if we do not have the correct watch part available we may need to order it. The part location and number will impact the speed of your service but once we have inspected your watch we will have a good idea of the time it will take to be serviced and what parts are likely to need changing.

How can we help?

Please leave the details of the watch you would like to be serviced and why you believe it needs a service, alternatively call us on 02071268398

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