Terms and Conditions

Deposits and Reservations
We ask for a 2% deposit at the checkout to reserve a watch. Once you have paid your 2% deposit your watch will be reserved for 48 hours. You may extend your reservation period by a further 5 working days buy adding a further 8% to your 2% deposit to total a 10% deposit. You must have paid for your watch in full by the end of your reservation period otherwise your deposit will be lost and the watch will be re-listed. For reservations made outside of the website checkout process, we ask for a 10% deposit and we will hold your watch for up to 7 days. Deposits are non refundable or transferable and the only circumstance where you will be issued a refund for your deposit is if the watch is not as described.

If we are selling your watch on your behalf we ask for a minimum of a 8 week marketing period to give our sales team a fair opportunity to sell your watch. When selling your watch we have two commission options, we either set an agreed amount to return to you or we charge between 5% and 10% sales commission which will be deducted from the final sale value. If you decide that you no longer want to sell your watch and we have already marketed your watch you will be liable for a £150+VAT administration fee to cover our time.

Buy Back Guarantee
Any buy back guarantee issued are offered based upon the watch returning in the same condition it was sold. If the watch has additional wear or damage then this will be considered and could effect your buy back guarantee and result in a lower amount being paid.

Quotes and Valuations
All of our quotes and valuations are subject to inspection and valid for 48 hours. Once 48 hours has passed from when we issued your quote we will need to revisit your watch and give you a new quote. All quotes given without physical inspection are not guaranteed and subject to inspection. We operate on an appointment basis only and we can’t guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your appointment if you have not been given written confirmation. Please make sure your appointment has been confirmed prior to travelling to our office.

All of our watches are thoroughly inspected and guaranteed to be 100% functional and authentic. We check the records of all of our timepieces to ensure that they have a clean history. All parts of our timepieces are authentic including the dials, movement, bezels, and bracelets.

All of our watches are bought and sold under the VAT margin scheme so there is no VAT to pay. All of our services, experiences, new parts, and bespoke jewellery are subject to VAT.