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We accept all Swiss watches in part exchange

Take advantage of your new purchase and part exchange your old watch, we can usually pay more for a watch in part exchange when compared to purchasing the watch out right

Which model do you have to part exchange?

Please provide a description of the item you wish to part exchange or give us a call. Scroll down to learn more about the part exchange process.

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Part Exchange Your Watch

If you're planning a trip to London, you can part exchange your watch in Hatton Garden and upgrade to more desirable watch. We offer a part exchange option with all of our watches and we can usually give you a slightly better price for your old model compared to if we were buying your watch out right.

Part exchanging your watch with LBJ Watches is a great way to improve your collection or swap an old watch with something more desirable. We accept part exchanges that are above and below the value of the watch you would like to buy from us.

We have a considerable client base and often buy and sell the same watch with the same client multiple times because a lot of our clients like to change their watches regularly.

Part exchanging your watch in Hatton Garden is a great way to benefit from a price increase or decrease. Watches tend to fluctuate in value and if you're lucky, your watch may have increased in value whilst another more desirable piece may have stayed at the same value. The result is a smaller margin between the two watches which could provide the perfect opportunity to trade up.

When part exchanging your watch with a watch dealer it's important to be clear about the condition of your watch and what is included with it, such as box and papers. If we are discussing a part exchange deal with you and we agree to a price, that price will be a solid price that will not change, providing that the watch is as described. If you haven't told us about the big dent on the side of your watch case or that it's not keeping time then upon inspection we may reduce the value of your watch, so to ensure a smooth process, please be as transparent as possible when describing the watch you want to part exchange.

If a visit to London isn't easy for you then we can visit you or arrange for a fully insured collection and delivery service to save any unwanted journeys. Our VIP collection and delivery service is flexible and designed for peace of mind. We can usually access most parts of the United Kingdom and even international locations.

If you would like to learn more about the part exchange value of your watch then please get in touch with us. We will provide you with everything you need to know and without obligation.