Patek Philippe


      Patek Philippe is a luxury Swiss watch brand first established in 1839 and most well known for their quality craftsmanship, exceptional design and commitment to the world of watches and innovation in horology. Ever since the start, the brand has been committed to development; in fact, Patek Philipe made the first ever wristwatch in 1868 and ever since they have been developing the industry, creating new complications, pumping out patents and setting new standards.

      Patek Philipe has deep-rooted heritage in the horologist's history book, and they are no doubt here to stay. The brand has recently gained a new surge of popularity as they continue developing their collection, particularly the popular Nautilus and the Aquanaut.


      At LBJ Watches London, we buy, sell, and source Patek Philippe watches. Only a few businesses in London specialise in Patek Philippe; however, LBJ Watches has extensive knowledge and experience in this field and we’re more than happy to help with all enquiries.

      Since their inception in 1839, Patek Philippe Patek has been a master of their craft. Patek Philippe manufactured and sold their first ever wristwatch in 1868, which makes them one of the oldest watchmakers today.

      Throughout the years, Patek Philippe has acquired a large following, as it is known for refined attention to detail and supreme quality. Patek Philippe are one of the oldest watchmakers; however, they still appeal to today's market by developing and adapting to the times to create modern timepieces without altering their rich and prestigious heritage.

      Patek Philippe offers a rather diverse catalogue; they currently boast 145 configurations across nine collections, ranging from pocket watches to sports models. Over recent years, we have found that there has been a significant rise in demand for Patek Philippe, especially for the precious metal sports models such as the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5811/1G, which is crafted from white gold and the 5712/1R which is crafted from rose gold. 

      Patek Philippe now produces fewer stainless steel configurations, but its models, such as the 5726/1A and the 5712/1A, are incredibly popular and hard to come by.

      Dials, Materials, Sizes:

      Patek Philippe offers a wide and diverse range of case sizes, with the current largest being the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime (5175), which is handcrafted to commemorate Patek's 175th anniversary and has an impressive case size of 47.44mm in diameter. The smallest watch currently produced by Patek is the 7042, part of the Gondolo collection.

      The watch is made using the highest-quality diamonds and pearls and has a delicate case size of just 31 × 34.8 mm.

      At LBJ Watches London, our years of experience buying and selling Patek Philippe watches has led us to the conclusion that the most popular sizes for a Patek Philippe are 40mm to 42mm, available in the NautilusCalatrava and Aquanaut collections. 

      Patek Philippe handcrafts their watches using only premium materials. Some of the most popular materials Patek Philippe use include white gold, rose gold, and high quality steel. Patek Philippe only creates a few watches in yellow gold and platinum and they even try to avoid steel as it doesn't represent the brand's image; Patek prefers to use luxurious materials.

      Patek Philippe are best known for their impeccable watchmaking and elegantly designed watches that speak to new and experienced watch collectors.

      When it comes to Patek Philippe, the company has created many iconic and timeless designs that can be recognised all over the world. Some of the most popular dials are showcased in the Patek Philippe Nautilus collection and the Aquanaut collection. Patek uses a combination of elements to achieve a complex and simple appearance; more specifically, they add depth and texture by using an embossed finish.

      If you are looking for information on a specific Patek Philippe model, please get in touch with us, and one of our experts will be available to help you. click here.



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