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Consider Consignment

Our consignment service operates on a sale or return basis. The whole process is secure and transparent and best of all, you get the best return possible and a dedicated marketing team.

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Watch Consignment

Consignment means sale or return, this can be a popular option with clients that want to see the maximum return for their watch rather than to receive an instant payment.

If you decide to leave your watch with us on consignment your watch will be given to our marketing and sales team who will look for a buyer as soon as possible.

Before our team can get to work on selling your watch we will agree a sales commission price which is typically 5% of the sale price. A second option is to set a bottom line figure that you will accept and we must sell your watch for that price or more, anything above that price is our profit, anything below is our loss.

Our dedicated marketing team will take professional photographs of your watch and list it on multiple platforms as well as directly to our clients and followers. Once your watch is live we will share the links to the platforms it is listed on.

We are able to sell your watch fast through our network of watch dealers or we can hold out for the highest price possible, we will discuss the best approach together.

Our watch consignment service includes a free authentication service and whilst your watch is in our care it is fully insured and a condition report is made when you drop the watch with us.

Are you interested in selling your watch on consignment?

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