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How the Omega Speedmaster went to the moon

The Omega Speedmaster was initially introduced in 1957 not only to keep up with the market but also to serve as a chronograph watch for sports and racing. In this blog, we are going cover how the Omega Speedmaster went to the moon and the innovation from the first Speedmaster to the first watch on the moon.

How the Omega Speedmaster went to the moon 

1957- The first Speedmaster 

The first Speedmaster was stainless steel, from its 39mm case to its bracelet, with a black dial. This watch had the reference CK 2915 and was the beginning of a new era for Omega. 

1959- The first Omega in space 

The CK 2998 accompanied Walter Schirra on the Sigma 7 mission of mercury in 1962. To be suitable for such an adventure, this watch required the specs to withstand space, such as its anti-magnetic 39mm case, shock protection movement and water resistant's even though it was worn as a personal watch by Walter. 

1963- Third Generation 

Numerous brands submitted their watches to NASA to be tested for space exploration. After the tough testing the Omega Speedmaster ST 105.003 was the only watch that stood. From then the on out the Omega Speedmaster has been serving astronauts in Apollo and Gemini missions. This Speedmaster also happened to be the first 40mm model. 

1965- The Moon Watch 

ST 105.012 is the reference for the Speedmaster that Neil Armstrong blessed the moon with in 1969, It featured a 42mm case, which is a subtle 2mm larger than previous models, and kept all the other design features from the black dial to the bezel to the bracelet. 

The Omega Moon watch is by far the most well-known and sought-after Omegas on the market. Why you ask? This model has an extensive history with NASA, and space exploration and has been on all 6 moon landings. When NASA needed watches for the crew Omega sent in the Speedmaster and after rigorous testing, it survived. 

The most sought-after Speedmaster 

After years in the watch game this is most sought-after and popular Speedmaster, we can tell you from our first-hand experience as a luxury watch dealer. 

The Moon watch 310. (Sapphire Sandwich) 

This model is known as the sapphire sandwich, why? Case back and the front crystal are both made of sapphire and sandwich the movement and face of the watch. This is the classic steel-on-steel Speedmaster; the sapphire glass open case back on this model is a window into the highly sophisticated caliber 1863. This movement is an excellent piece of engineering and boasts an impressive 48 hours of power reserve. The watch features a chronograph function and comprises a highly versatile steel case and a well-designed steel bracelet. 

Over time Omega has made some slight design changes to the moon watch, however, they have stuck to their roots and kept the use of a manually wound movement such as the watch that was originally taken to the moon in 1969. 

How to buy an Omega Speedmaster? 

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Where can I sell my Omega Speedmaster? 

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