How Tudor compete with the elite

How Tudor compete with the elite

Join us in this blog as we explore how Tudor competes with the elite, including the history of Tudor, the most iconic Tudor model, collaborations and special edition pieces, how Tudor keeps their costs down, their marketing and finally, their connection to Rolex.

Tudors History

Tudor was founded in 1926, 21 years after Rolex, with the intention of creating Rolex-quality watches at a more affordable price point. To do this, they initially used generic movements in their watches and used high-quality bracelets, cases and other parts. Tudor was founded by the same well-calculated businessman as Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, and that is why Tudor has performed so well. Owning both a high-end and more affordable luxury watch brand allowed Hans to diversify into different markets and gain market share in the luxury watch industry.

How Tudor keeps the costs down!

Tudor does their absolute best to keep costs down whilst maintaining the luxury appearance and performance; that is why Tudor uses 316L steel instead of 904L steel (which is what Rolex uses). This is because 316L is more readily available, when compared to 904L. 904L steel is known for being shinier and polishing better, and this means nothing to Tudor as most of their steel watches rarely feature polished steel; instead, they go for an easier satin aesthetic, which not only helps to keep costs down but also gives Tudor a unique feature.

Besides the newly released 18k Black Bay 58, which features a solid gold case, Tudor commonly uses gold-coated steel; this helps Tudor keep the price of their watches down while still being able to add an extra touch of luxury through gold.

In addition, Tudor also uses fabric and textile straps where possible, which not only keeps the costs down but also unlocks a whole new aesthetic. Some watches even come with interchangeable straps, which allows you to get two watches for the price of one.

Top 3 special edition Tudors

Tudor is the sister company of Rolex. However, they are much more adventurous when it comes to collaborations; partnering up with brands like Red Bull, Harrods and Bucherer has allowed Tudor to create some fantastic, unique pieces.

Tudor Harrods watch

In 2018, Tudor and Harrods teamed up to create the masterpiece that is the Tudor Harrods Black Bay; while the watch retains its original design and heritage, it is complemented by a splash of colour, a dark green that represents Harrod's flagship store in Knightsbridge, London. This particular release had all eyes looking at Tudor for a change, and as the hype and demand for the piece grew, so did the waiting lists.Tudor Harrods Watch

Tudor Red Bull

The Tudor Red Bull release is one of the latest; Tudor has recently become a sponsor for Red Bull's yacht racing team, and what better way to celebrate the new relationship than with two functional and creative watches. Tudor released a Pelagos FXD and a Pelagos FXD Chrono with Red Bull's signature colours.

The best part about this collaboration is the fact that Tudor did their best to replicate the materials of the yacht on the watch; for example, the hull of their yachts are made of carbon fibre, and Tudor replicates this by using a carbon composite case; this reinforces how adventurous and creative tudor is as a brand.

Tudor Redbull watch

Tudor Bucherer

The limited edition Bucherer Black Bay was introduced to celebrate Bucherer's 130th anniversary. The case is crafted from high-quality bronze, which gives each watch a unique look as the bronze ages, creating a patina effect on the case. Bucherer is a multi-brand watch and jewellery store, and this exclusive piece just shows Tudor's appreciation and respect for the brand.

Tudor bronze bucherer edition

Tudor's most iconic model.

When you think of Tudor, the first model that comes to mind is most likely the Black Bay, and it's for a very good reason. The Black Bay is undoubtedly Tudor's most iconic model; It was originally released in 2012. However, its heritage stretches back to the 1950s when Tudor released their submariner. When released in 2012, the collection was an instant hit; as the demand grew, so did the range. You can now find the Black Bay in many different case sizes, configurations and colours.

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