A brief history of the Rolex GMT and the current Rolex GMT models

A brief history of the Rolex GMT and the current Rolex GMT models

Learn about the Rolex GMT

Rolex GMT 116710LN

The Rolex GMT is an impressive tool watch

The Rolex GMT is a pioneering pilot's watch developed in the 1940s and 1950s for Pan-Am pilots. The Rolex GMT was finally released in 1954 under the reference 6542 with a jubilee bracelet and a red and blue GMT bezel, which later became known as the Rolex GMT Pepsi. Since the GMT was released Rolex has introduced various models with different coloured bezels and precious metals. Rolex successfully produced the GMT until it was replaced in 1983 by the GMT Master 2, which is still in production today.

Features of a Rolex GMT

The Rolex GMT is a highly stylish and functional watch. It features a 24-hour bi-direction bezel allowing the user to set up to three time zones. 100m water resistance, which is impressive for a pilots watch, a chromo light display for when it's dark and a cyclops lens for easy viewing of the date window.

Rolex GMT Batman / Batgirl

This watch is referred to as a Rolex Batman or Rolex Batgirl because of the blue and black bezel that resembles the famous DC characters. The Batman comes on a oyster bracelet, a sportier and chunkier her bracelet that gives the watch its masculine connotation. Whereas the Batgirl comes with an elegant, five link jubilee bracelet. The Batman was originally introduced in 2013 under the reference 116710BLNR and remains popular to this day.

Rolex GMT Green and Gold

The Rolex GMT 116719 was a 50th-anniversary model to celebrate 50 years of the Rolex GMT watch. Introduced in 2005 and discontinued in 2019 this watch stayed around less than watch lovers wanted it to. Today you can find Rolex GMT watches made from Oyster Steel, white gold, and Everose gold. However, this particular model is made from rarer 18ct yellow gold. This model comes with a black rotating ceramic bezel, a green dial and a yellow gold oyster bracelet. Because this particular configuration is now discontinued and so sought-after, they sell for well above their original retail value.

Rolex GMT Root Beer

This GMT is exclusive to oyster bracelets. A Root Beer GMT is equipped with a brown and black bezel that resembles the colours of the American famous Root Beer drink, hence the name. The Root Beer can either come in full Everose gold or oyster steel and Everose gold. Both these watches look absolutely amazing you cant go wrong with either. 

Rolex GMT Pepsi

Definitely the most iconic Rolex GMT watch because the blue and red bezel of the Pepsi featured on the first ever model back in 1954 with a Jubilee bracelet. The current reference for the Rolex GMT Pepsi is 126710BLRO and it comes on an Oyster and jubilee bracelet.

Rolex GMT all black (discontinued)

Released in 2007 and discontinued In 2019, the all-black Rolex GMT has a black bezel and dial to make the watch perfect for every event, from everyday wear to suit and tie. Vintage models of this watch such as the 16710 came with engraved steel bezels, however, modern models come with a ceramic bezel. This watch has the reference number 116710.

Rolex GMT Sprite (Newest)

In 2022 Rolex released the first left-handed model, the date window is at the 9 o'clock position rather than the 3 o'clock position. This model has a black and green bezel known as a sprite. Ref. 126720VTNR. The Rolex GMT Sprite comes on an Oyster and Jubilee bracelet and could be a collectable once it is discontinued.

Rolex GMT Movement

Modern GMT models are cased with a Calibre 3285, manufactured by Rolex. This self-winding movement has a power reserve of 70 hours and a +/-2 seconds per day precision. The movement inside of a GMT offers more resistance to bangs, shocks and temperature change. The 31 jewels inside of this movement provide 28800 vibrations per hour. Previous movements for GMT include 1036, 1565, 3085, 3175, 3185 and 3186

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