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All you need to know about the Rolex Pepsi

In this blog, we are going to cover the first-ever Rolex GMT, also known as the Pepsi, current configurations, functions, specifications, movement and how to buy or sell a Rolex Pepsi. 

In 1954, Rolex created the first ever GMT watch, a watch that is known today as the Pepsi. This could possibly be Rolex's most iconic and well-known watch. Click here to read about the Rolex GMT. 

Specifications and movement of the Rolex Pepsi

The GMT Master 2 was initially made for frequent travellers and pilots. Why? This timepiece can track three time zones simultaneously and the date. The first time zone is tracked by the standard hour hand, the second time zone is tracked by the GMT hand, and finally, the third hand is tracked by the bi-directional bezel. To allow for all these functions, what's better than the self-winding movement, calibre 3285? This is the newest movement for the Rolex GMT Master Two and features a whopping 70 hours of high-quality power reserve, 31 Joules and impressive accuracy. 

Features of the Rolex GMT Pepsi 

The Rolex Pepsi GMT is infamously known for its red and blue bezel, which contributes to its nickname. To pair with the red and blue bezel, the steel model has a black dial, and the white gold model is equipped with a midnight blue dial; both perfectly contrast the chroma-light luminescent indices, allowing pilots, passengers and watch enthusiasts around to read the time in the depths of the night, ocean or sky.  

The current configurations of the Rolex Pepsi 

You can currently find four configurations of the Rolex Pepsi in the Rolex catalogue: two white gold and two steel. 

The steel Rolex Pepsi Ref 126710 

The steel Rolex GMT Pepsi is undoubtedly the most popular model amongst the GMT Master Two collection. You can choose from a five-link, elegant Jubilee bracelet or a three-link, robust Oyster bracelet. Both of these bracelets come with polished centre links and brushed outer links, helping to prevent scratches and scuffs on the sides, whilst providing elegant shine and tinkle to the watch, especially on the Jubilee.  

Oyster Bracelet for RolexJubilee Bracelet for Rolexes

The white gold Rolex Pepsi Ref 126719blro 

The white gold Rolex GMT Master Two exclusively comes with the red and blue (Pepsi) bezel. This white gold model comes with the choice of a stunning midnight blue dial that matches the bezel or an exclusive price on request (POR) dial crafted from the gibbon meteorite. Unfortunately, you can only configure one bracelet on this watch, and it's the Oyster with polished centre links. This is a stunning watch that stands out from the standard steel Rolex Pepsi; the only downside is that it may be more prone to scratches and scuffs because of the white gold.  

Is the Rolex Pepsi getting discontinued?!

Since the start of 2023, the Rolex Pepsi has slowly become harder to find, and authorised dealers such as gold smiths have been quoted saying they can no longer produce the bezel. As Watch and Wonders is just around the corner, collectors are going crazy trying to locate Pepsi and paying high premiums as a result. The Pepsi has slowly been faced out it may be discontinued in just a couple of weeks.

How much is a Rolex Pepsi GMT? 

Being such a popular and sought-after watch, The Rolex Pepsi GMT commands a premium above its regular retail price. If you're lucky enough to purchase one of these watches from Rolex themselves, a steel Rolex GMT Master 2 with an oyster bracelet will cost you 9000 pounds. If you're looking for the Jubilee bracelet, you'll be paying 800 pounds more and will potentially be on the waiting list longer if you can get on it. A Rolex GMT Pepsi with the Oyster bracelet has a current market value of around 17,500 pounds, and on a Jubilee bracelet, 18,500 pounds. 

Where can I buy a Rolex Pepsi? 

Want to buy one of these stunning watches? With such a strong heritage and elegant design, I don't blame you. Here at LBJ Watches, we always stock a Rolex GMT Pepsi; please contact us if you are interested in viewing or purchasing a Rolex GMT Pepsi. We are more than happy to welcome you into our Hatton Garden showroom. 

Where should I sell my Rolex Pepsi? 

I have no doubt it will be a struggle to let go of such a desired timepiece, but it may help that we can offer same-day quotes, fair market value and instant payment for your Rolex Pepsi. Here at LBJ Watches, we make selling your watch as simple as possible. Click here to get in touch with us today. 


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