Rolex Root Beer

What is the Rolex Root Beer?

The Rolex Root Beer is an iconic and well-known Rolex GMT named after the famous American soda. Join us in this blog as we explore the history, specifications, both of the current models, the movement, functionality and price of a Rolex Root Beer.

Simple history and reference changes of the Rolex Root Beer

The first and original Rolex Root Beer was released in 1970 under the reference 1675/3; it featured a bimetal jubilee or oyster bracelet, a dark brown dial and a light brown and yellow bezel. It truly was the perfect vintage aesthetic. Production of the 1675 lasted 10 years until the 16753; 9 years later, the 16753 was replaced by the 16713. The 16713 was the first Root Beer GMT master 2 and was discontinued in 2008. It's worth noting that this first span of the Root Beer featured the same colours and materials and that there was little difference between them besides the performance gain and overall timekeeping.

The current models in production

In 2018 the Rolex Root Beer GMT we all know and love today was released. Unlike the previous models, the 126715CHNR and the 126711CHNR have a new dark brown and black bezel and feature Rolex's stunning rose gold.

There are two Rolex Root Beers?!

Theses two watches now take the nickname. The Root Beer 126715CHNR is the model made entirely from 18ct rose gold from case to clasp. This watch has an overall darker look. In contrast, the 126711CHNR is a bimetal model consisting of oyster steel and rose gold. The oyster bracelet on the bimetal model has polished rose gold centre links and brushed steel outer links with the case to match, which gives this watch a lighter look.

 Bi-Metal Root Beer

Full Rose Gold Rootbeer 126715

The specifications of the Rolex Root Beer

All the fine details on this watch come together to create a masterpiece. Firstly it has a black dial that is functional and aesthetic; the black creates the perfect contrast for the chromalight indices that allow the lucky wearer of a Rolex Root Beer GMT to tell the time in the dark. Next, we must mention the bidirectional, ceramic brown and black bezel with 24 graduations, 1 for each hour of the day. Like any other GMT in production, the Root Beer has a 40mm case which seems to be perfect for most men and even some women. It's not too big and certainly not too small. Another feature that stands out is the PCL (Polished centre links); not only do they make the rose gold stand out on both bracelets, but it also provides a small amount of contrast on the whole rose gold model. Finally, the 5mm comfort extension link is the GMT's most underrated feature; this allows the wearer to easily adjust the length of the bracelet just enough to compensate for a swollen wrist and can also be used for those in-between sizes.

The movement in the Rolex Root Beer

The self-winding movement behind the Rolex Root Beer today is the 3285, this is the newer movement for the GMT. It features 70 hours of power reserve, 31 jewels and is responsible for 4 hands, and a date feature. The GMT's movement combined with its bezel allows it to be the ultimate tool watch and track 3 time zones simultaneously perfect for any frequent flyers, businessmen and people who ensure the artistry of luxury watches.

How much is a Rolex Root Beer GMT

The price of a Rolex Root Beer and most watches depends on 3 factors. Firstly, what is the condition? Is it brand new with stickers or well-worn? There is always a difference in price depending on the condition, and most people won't want to buy a watch with scratches unless the price reflects it. Secondly, when is the card dated? It can often command a premium if it is dated recently and within the same year. And finally, is it a complete set? A complete set is a watch that comes with a box, warranty card and a manual. Complete sets are more collectable and make better investments because it reinsures authenticity and resale value; it is not advised that you purchase a watch without a box and papers. At retail value, the 126715CHNR is £34,200, and the 126711CHNR is £13,600. Rolex subtly increases these prices periodically based on the value of the material.

What are your thoughts on the Rolex Root Beer GMT, and which model do you prefer?

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