Rolex Sprite GMT 126720VTNR

What is the Rolex Sprite and why is it so unique?

The Rolex Sprite is a GMT, and more importantly, it is the only left-handed Rolex ever. It was introduced in the spring of 2022. In this blog, we will cover the features, functionality, movement, price and market value of a Rolex Sprite.

What does the Rolex Sprite GMT do? 

Despite looking different to every Rolex GMT, this watch has no unique features. The Rolex GMT is a functional sports watch designed with pilots and frequent travellers in mind. The 24-hour bi-directional bezel and the GMT hand allow the user to track 3 time zones simultaneously. It has a seconds hand, a minute hand, an hour hand, a GMT hand, and a date window. The Rolex GMT has chroma light indices in the form of unique shapes, such as triangles, circles and rectangles, allowing the user to tell the time in the dark.

Why is the Rolex Sprite different and will it be discontinued?

As mentioned before, the Rolex Sprite is the only left-hand Rolex, but what makes it left-handed? The date window and crown are both located at 9 O'clock instead of the standard 3 O'clock, making it fit on the right wrist just as a regular watch fits on the left wrist. Many professionals speculate that because this watch is so unique, it may have a short production run, and when it is discontinued, demand will rocket.

The features of a Rolex Sprite

Most of the Rolex GMTs are named after popular sodas, so it only makes sense that this one is called the Sprite because of its green bezel. The Rolex Sprite GMT has a black and green bezel with white graduations, allowing for the third time zone. This timepiece comes with a black dial; the black dial offers an additional aspect of functionality by providing contrast for the lumens. The Rolex Sprite has a corrosion steel case, scratch-resistant ceramic bezel and mighty brushed steel lugs.

The Rolex Sprite currently has two configurations. You can choose from a Jubilee 5 link bracelet, known for looking dressier, fitting better and elevating the watch or an Oyster 3 link bracelet, known for being robust, with its brushed outer links preventing scratches. Although these watches look completely different, they still share the same reference number, 126720VTNR .

The movement inside a Rolex Sprite GMT

The self-winding movement behind the Rolex Sprite GMT today is the 3285, the newer movement for the GMT. It features 70 hours of power reserve, 31 jewels and is responsible for 4 hands, and a date feature. The GMT's movement, combined with its bezel, allows it to be the ultimate tool watch and track 3 time zones simultaneously, perfect for any frequent flyers, businessmen and people who ensure the artistry of luxury watches.

What is the price of a Rolex Sprite GMT?

The retail value of a Rolex Sprite GMT can cost either 9450 or 9600, depending on the bracelet you choose. The jubilee bracelet costs a little bit more at retail, but because of its preferred and popular configuration, it has an increased value. The current market value for a Rolex Sprite GMT, as of August 2023, can range from £17750-£18000. If this watch is discontinued, there is no doubt that the price will rocket, and it may become a collector's piece for years to come.



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