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Rolex watch experience
Our Rolex watch experience is a fun and educational course that lasts up-to 3 hours. The Rolex watch experience is hosted in Hatton Garden, London and you will have one on one time with a professional watch dealer that will share industry insights with you.

As part of our Rolex experience you will learn about all Rolex models and get to try different Rolex timepieces on and take photographs. We will teach you about the history of the brand, what makes them clear market leaders and what our future predictions are. Our Rolex experience is a great opportunity to learn about the industry and how watch dealers operate, we will discuss spotting fake watches, how to buy and sell at fair market value, and maintenance requirements.

Individual and Group Bookings
For individual and group bookings, your Rolex experience will take place in our Hatton Garden showroom. We are limited to the number of people we can host for each course so please contact us with your group size before making your reservation.

Corporate Bookings
We offer corporate watch events in and around London. Our fun corporate watch experiences are tailored to your company and designed to for team building and workforce motivation. Some of our corporate clients purchase watches for team members when they hit specific targets as a form of bonus, in our experience this has been very positive. A Rolex watch will last much longer than a monetary bonus and it motivates other team members to hit their targets whilst reminding the Rolex owner what a fantastic company they work for.

After experiencing such positive reactions from our corporate clients we decided to host corporate Rolex watch events. We bring a selection of Rolex watches to your premises and educate your team on the luxury watch market, providing them with brilliant industry insight and an in depth history of luxury watches. We cover topics such as spotting a fake, market trends, investment pieces and future predictions. We hold a Q&A session before the end of the experience and we provide some of the most desirable Rolex watches for your team to try on and photograph.

Engagement ring experience
the perfect gift and offer a great opportunity to learn about a potential future purchase. We offer three experiences, the first is an engagement ring experience where you get to learn about the different styles and stones on offer as well as try on multiple examples.

Diamond grading experience
teaches you about the 4 C's so that you can understand the type of diamond your buying and learn to read a diamond certificate. You will learn the difference between mined stones, LAB-grown stones and substitutes such as moissanite and cubic zirconia.

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