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When should I service my Rolex?

How often should I service my Rolex is a question we get asked a lot. A Rolex service is only required when there is an issue with the watch's timekeeping. Although the manufacturer recommends +10 years on their latest models, you will only need to service your Rolex watch when your Rolex watch has an issue.

Servicing a Rolex watch is done by a professional watchmaker, the process is to strip the movement and investigate where the issue is coming from. Any parts that are damaged could cause your Rolex watch to gain or lose time which would require the service to be done, however, if your watch is running within an acceptable margin there is no need to service your Rolex watch.

Within your Rolex movement, there are several lubricated parts that typically fit into jewels hence so many watch manufacturers advertise how many jewels a watch has. Each moving part of your Rolex movement will be lubricated before being positioned into these jewels and assembled. If your watch has repeatedly gotten very hot or if it has been exposed to multiple shocks then this could result in your lubricants drying out or a part being damaged. This results in a change of timekeeping and would require a service.

Rolex watches are extremely robust and resistant to most environments so servicing isn't needed regularly and in some cases, we have had watches that are 50 years old that have never been serviced and still run within an acceptable margin.

Remember, if you're purchasing an older or vintage Rolex watch then your not wearing this watch for perfect timekeeping and you shouldn't expect the watch to be perfect. An older watch that is losing 10 seconds a day is actually acceptable, you're wearing a piece of history and for perfect timekeeping, you should check your iPhone. If you went down the root of trying to perfect the timekeeping of an older watch then you will likely devalue the timepiece and receive a high repair bill.

If your watch does require a service because it's not running properly or if it's been damaged, we do offer Rolex watch servicing in Hatton Garden, London.

Do you have a water-damaged Rolex watch that needs servicing? Give us a call and we will repair your Rolex in London.

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