Rolex Platinum Daytona 116509

All you need to know about the 50th Anniversary Platinum Rolex Daytona

Welcome to the modern holy grail - The Rolex Platinum Daytona. This watch deserves wrist time. The uniqueness and awe generates a winning mindset and feeling that attracts the best things in life.

The exclusive design of the Rolex Platinum Daytona

Identified by the ice blue dial (exclusive to platinum Rolex watches) and contrasting chestnut brown sub-dials, and ceramic bezel. This timepiece is one that is known as an elite watch but could pass as a steel piece to those less informed, giving a confidence to wear it more often. Recently discontinued and replaced by the newer 60th-anniversary model, this first edition example is one of the very last to be sold and has never been worn. Perfect for investors.

When is the best time to buy a Rolex Platinum Daytona?

With fall fast approaching, we are out of the woods, the quietest months of July and August are behind us and we are still yet to see any of the new reference Daytonas. This makes for an exciting few months ahead with much anticipation about the price point for the new Daytona watches. There is no doubt that the new model has a superior movement and that the open case back is a work of art but does that bring the price of this watch up or down? Nobody can be sure but it’s our guess that the new platinum Daytona will be easily a 6 figure watch and we anticipate a resale price way into the 6 figure mark, maybe as high as £150,000.

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