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Is Rolex a good investment?

Will my Rolex go up in value? Is a question we get asked on a weekly basis. Are Rolex's a good investment? Is another. We always answer the same way.

Why are you buying a Rolex watch? The answer is usually split between "I'm buying a Rolex watch as an investment" or "I'm buying a Rolex watch because I love the watch". Buying a watch or any asset solely to make money is always going to have a certain level of risk associated to the transaction and if your asking if buying a Rolex watch is a good investment you may not have the level of knowledge that you should have to be making the investment.

Having said that, history tells a consistent story of Rolex watches increasing in value over time. Rolex increase their retail price pretty much annually and because of the huge demand but limited supply the pre-owned market price is almost always at a premium to the retail price set by Rolex.

You could compare Rolex watches to property in many ways, the value will fluctuate up and down but long term the value has historically gone up in line with inflation or even faster.

Recently we have seen a whopping increase in the value of some of the more popular sports models which has truly stunned the industry, in some cases Rolex watches have doubled in price within less than 6 months which has attracted investors and people wanting to get rich quick. It's our opinion that this is unhealthy for the industry and unsustainable.

Which Rolex models are the best investment? As I stated before, first and foremost you should buy a watch because you like it, this way your going to be happy whatever happens to the market but if you want to know which models could be safer than others, send us a message or give us a call (02071268398) to discuss your budget and taste.

Generally speaking, Rolex steel sports models are great investments but with the recent volatility of the market are things about to change? The black Rolex Submariner is a great every day watch that has a fairly stable trading price that we believe will steadily increase over time. The Submariner is a great entry level sports model that won't cost you over the odds too so this one could be worth checking out.

To conclude, Rolex watches share some similarities to the property market, both go up and down in the short term but medium to long term they always increase in value. So if you're buying a watch to wear and love, something you plan to hold on to for a while then yes, Rolex watches are a great investment. But, if you're buying solely to make quick money then do your home work and educate yourself on the potential risks associated because if you need to sell in order to liquidate your funds and the market has taken a temporary correction you could be looking at financial losses you didn't expect.

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