Rolex Sky-Dweller 326914

How does a Rolex Sky-Dweller work?

The Sky-Dweller is Rolex's most complex watch with an impressive complication that provides an annual calendar and dual time zone technology. The watch was first released in 2012 and it was the first new model released by the company in 20 years.

As you look at the dial you see the hour and minute hands indicating local time but you will notice a 24-hour rotating disc on the dial as well, this represents your second-time zone with the small red triangle indicating the hour in your chosen zone. Around the outside of the dial, you will see a red marker that always sits at one of the 12-hour positions, the position of the red marker indicates the month of the year.

For example, if the time on the watch was 2 o'clock and the red marker was at the 4 o'clock position with the red triangle pointing to the 22 position on the rotating disk, this is showing you that your local time is 2 o'clock, the month is April and it is 10 pm in your second-time zone. This complication has to be one of the easiest to read at a glance. Once set, the annual calendar only needs to be adjusted once a year at the beginning of March.

Have a look at the Rolex Sky-Dweller here and see if you can read the dial. Scroll down for the answer.

Rolex Sky-Dweller 326933

This Rolex Sky-Dweller (326933) is showing almost 8 o'clock in local time and 10 pm in your secondary time zone (indicated by the red arrow pointing to the 22 position on the inner disk). We can see that we are in the first month of the year as the red market is fixed at the first position of a possible 12 (1 o'clock) this indicates the first month of the year, January. This means the watch is showing us 8 o'clock and 26th of January local time and 10 pm in your GMT time zone.

How to set up the Rolex Sky-Dweller? Help with setting up the Rolex Sky-Dweller is easy. The watch has a rotating fluted bezel that has 4 positions. Natural, GMT, local time and date. You must adjust the bezel to the correct position to set up each function, I always start with the local time by turning the hands around the whole dial once to find out if the watch is in am or pm. Once I have established this, I set the time and GMT function. Finally, I set the date.

Remember, the Rolex Sky-Dweller only needs to be set once a year at the end of February.

If you have any questions about how to set up a Rolex Sky-Dweller, please comment below.

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